South Tyrol apples - fresh from the tree.

Indulged by the sun, fresh mountain air, and a mild climate.

Crisp, tasty and healthy: for thousands of years, apples have been a symbol of seductive, fresh enjoyment. The lush, natural environment, the wide range of varieties and the high proportion of organic fruit production represent just some of the many reasons why South Tyrol apples are so popular throughout the world. Free from pesticides, genetic engineering and chemical additives, you can pick our apples directly from the tree and enjoy them without a care in the world.

Profile of 2017 harvest

GALA gala 6.800 t
BRAEBURN braeburn 3.000 t
ROHO / EVELINA® roho/evelina® 1.300 t
CRIPPS PINK cripps pink 1.200 t
GOLDEN DELICIOUS golden delicious 800 t
FUJI fuji 500 t
GRANNY SMITH granny smith 450 t
TOPAZ topaz 400 t
STARK stark 300 t
KANZI® kanzi 250 t
JAZZ® jazz 150 t
PINOVA 150 t
GOLD RUSH gold rush 150 t
IDARED idared 100 t